Account Deletion

Deleting Individual or Teams Account

You can delete your tenant directly from the Tenant Overview page in the F5® Distributed Cloud Console.

  • Log into Console, and go to Administration.
Figure: Homepage
  • Select Tenant Settings > Tenant Overview.
nav tenant new
Figure: Tenant Overview
  • Select Request Deletion under Tenant Information. Tenant deletion request form gets loaded.

  • Select an option for the Please choose a reason for tenant deletion field. Optionally, enter a reason for deletion in the additional feedback field.

  • Type Delete in the Please type 'Delete' for confirmation field.

  • Select Request tenant deletion and log out button.

Note: When you select Request tenant deletion and logout, you will be immediately logged out and will not be allowed to log back in. Therefore, if you wish to save any configuration, we request you to do so before you select Request tenant deletion and logout. This is also applicable to any data, reports, or invoices. Once the Tenant is deleted this information is no longer available.

request delete new
Figure: Request Tenant Deletion

Note: Your charges will be prorated for the time and usage for the duration of the plan. You will receive an invoice upon closure of your account under the team plan.