Advertise Apps on Site Service Network


This guide provides instructions on how to advertise your apps on the vK8s site service network in F5® Distributed Cloud Services. To know more about vK8s, see vK8s.

A vK8s site service network is a F5 internal network that is used for communication between apps running on the F5® Distributed Cloud Services sites and not intended for advertising on the public network. Using the site service network, you can advertise apps on the CE sites or RE sites.

Using the instructions provided in this guide, you will be able to update a HTTP or TCP load balancer advertising the services on the vK8s site service network of a given set of sites or virtual sites.


The following prerequisites apply:

Note: If you do not have an account, see Create an Account.

  • One or more F5 sites in case you want to advertise on the CE sites.

Note: If you do not have a site, see Site Management documentation for instructions on deploying a site.

  • Apps deployed on F5 vK8s

Note: If you do not have apps deployed on vK8s, see Create vK8s Object and vK8s Deployment.

Set Custom Advertisement for Load Balancer

The instructions shown in this guide cover advertising on the site service network for HTTP load balancer. However, the same set of instructions are also applicable for TCP load balancer.

Advertise policies can be viewed and managed in multiple services: Shared Configuration, and Load Balancers.

This example shows Advertise Policies setup in Load Balancers.

Step 1: Log into F5® Distributed Cloud Console, start editing load balancer.
  • Open F5® Distributed Cloud Console homepage, select Load Balancers box.

Note: Homepage is role based, and your homepage may look different due to your role customization. Select All Services drop-down menu to discover all options. Customize Settings: Administration > Personal Management > My Account > Edit work domain & skills button > Advanced box > check Work Domain boxes > Save changes button.

Figure: Homepage

Note: Confirm Namespace feature is in correct namespace, drop-down selector located in upper-left corner. Not available in all services.

  • Select Manage in left column menu > select Load Balancers > HTTP Load Balancers.

Note: If options are not showing available, select Show link in Advanced nav options visible in bottom left corner. If needed, select Hide to minimize options from Advanced nav options mode.

  • Select Add HTTP Load Balancers button.

  • Select ... > Edit for your load balancer from the displayed list of load balancers to edit existing HTTP Load balancer objects.

Figure: Load Balancers

Step 2: Configure Advertisement.
  • Open Configuration link in VIP Configuration section.

  • Toggle Show Advanced Fields option on in upper-right corner.

  • Select Advertise Custom in drop-down menu options in Where to Advertise the VIP box.

  • Select Configure link option that appears in Advertise Custom box.

Figure: VIP Configuration Custom Advertisement

Advertise on F5 CE Sites
  • Toggle Show Advanced Fields option on in upper-right corner to show options in Custom Advertise VIP Configuration page.

  • Select + Add Item button.

  • Select Site or Virtual Site in Select Where to Advertise drop-down menu.

  • Select vK8s Service Network in Site Network drop-down menu.

  • Select Site or virtual site options in Site Reference drop-down menu.

  • Toggle Show Advanced Fields option on in upper-right corner to show TCP Listen Port Choice option.

  • Select Add Item.

Figure: Advertise on vK8s Service Network for CE Sites

Step 3: Complete updating load balancer configuration.

Select Save and Exit to complete updating the load balancer.


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