Upgrade Fleet


This guide provides instructions on how to upgrade an F5® Distributed Cloud Services fleet of sites using the guided wizard in F5® Distributed Cloud Console (Console). See Fleet for more information.

A fleet is used to perform upgrades to the site software and operating system software. You can also use fleet to add or delete devices such as network interfaces or storage devices to the fleet of sites. This document covers information on how to perform software upgrades using the fleet.

Fleet upgrades are not supported for clouds sites, such as AWS VPC, AWS TGW, Azure VNet, GCP Credentials, or F5® Distributed Cloud App Stack sites.

Note: The outcome of attempts to perform upgrades using the Fleet are dependent on the Site Software Version Override setting of the site that is part of the fleet. The following list describes the behavior:

  • If the set value of override is Site Version Overrides, then the version set in site always takes precedence.

  • If the set value of override is New Version Overrides, then the newer version among site and fleet takes precedence.

  • If the set value of override is Fleet Version Overrides, then the version set in fleet always takes precedence.


Upgrade a Fleet

The upgrade feature enables you to upgrade the software and operating system software versions for your Fleet of sites.

Step 1: Navigate to your fleet in Console.
  • Log into Console, and then click Multi-Cloud Network Connect.
Figure: Console Homepage
Figure: Console Homepage
  • Click Manage > Site Management > Fleets.
Figure: Navigate to Fleets
Figure: Navigate to Fleets
  • Click ... and then click Manage Configuration on the fleet object to which your sites are associated with.
Figure: Edit Fleet
Figure: Edit Fleet
  • In the form that appears, click Edit Configuration from the top right corner.
Step 2: Set the site software version and operating system version.
  • In the Fleet Configuration section, enter the software version or operating system version to which you want the sites to be upgraded in the Software Version and Operating System Version fields, respectively.
Fleet Configuration Versions
Figure: Fleet Configuration Versions

Note: Navigate to Sites > Site List. Click ... and then click Edit for your site and ensure that the Fleet Version Overrides option is set for the Site Software Version Override field.

  • Click Save and Exit to save the updated fleet configuration.

  • Navigate to Sites > Site List to display the available upgrades to your sites under the SW version (Current / Status) and OS version (Current / Status) fields.

Step 3: Verify your fleet was upgraded.
  • Navigate to Fleets > Overview.

  • Click on the entry for the fleet for which you set the software and operating system versions.

  • Click the Site List tab to display the list of sites that are part of your fleet.

  • In the SW version (Current / Status) and OS version (Current / Status) fields, confirm that the values match the versions you applied to your fleet configuration. The values with messages Scheduled or In progress indicate that the upgrade is planned or triggered. The message Successful indicates that the upgrade was completed successfully.


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