Account Protection

About Account Protection

F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection allows you to track, monitor, and update the activity of end users on your enterprise website or application. To enable Analyst Station, please contact an F5 Account Protection Manager.

Account Protection includes a real-time summary of all transactions that have occurred on your system. All transactions are displayed in a list, and in this list you can:

  • Drill down into any transaction and understand the rationale behind the Account Protection recommendation.
  • Review a prioritized list of transactions from Account Protection.
  • Mark a transaction or group of transactions as Fraud or Not Fraud.
  • Block an Account ID or Device ID associated with a transaction from further transactions with your system for a time-period that you define.
  • Remove an Account ID or Device ID from the Block List if you determine that it is not malicious.

To get started with using Account Protection, see F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection Quick Start.

For more information on using Account Protection, see Using F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection.