Bot Defense

About Bot Defense

Bot Defense protects your Internet Applications from automated attacks by identifying and mitigating malicious bots.

On the client, Bot Defense uses JavaScript or native Mobile SDK to collect telemetry. This telemetry is then attached in the form of HTTP headers, or included in the POST body to the protected requests.

On the server, protected requests are configured to be examined by the Bot Defense solution before being permitted to reach the customer’s application.

For applications already routing traffic through F5® Distributed Cloud Mesh, Bot Defense is natively integrated in Distributed Cloud Console. This integration allows you to configure the Bot Defense service through the HTTP load balancer's configuration. You can also download a BIG-IP iApp template for use with BIG-IP.

Once Bot Defense is enabled and configured, you can view and filter traffic and transaction statistics with the Bot Defense Dashboard in Distributed Cloud Console to see which users are malicious and how they’re being mitigated.