Bot Defense

Bot Defense protects your Internet applications from automated attacks by identifying and mitigating malicious bots. Bots are software programs that run automated tasks. Bot activity accounts for about 50% of all internet traffic, and can negatively impact your users, your data and revenue for your organization.

Bot Defense uses JavaScript to collect telemetry from web applications and uses a native Mobile SDK to collect telemetry from mobile endpoints. This telemetry is then attached in the form of HTTP headers or included in the POST body to the protected requests. The Bot Defense service then examines the telemetry collected from requests before they are permitted to reach your application. You can configure Bot Defense to apply mitigation actions. Based on your configuration, Bot Defense can prevent automated traffic from reaching your application by blocking or redirecting the traffic.

Platform support

Bot Defense is natively integrated in Distributed Cloud (XC) Console. If your applications already route traffic through an HTTP load balancer configured with F5 Distributed Cloud, this integration allows you to configure the Bot Defense service through your HTTP load balancer configuration.

Bot Defense is also integrated with BIG-IP. You can configure Bot Defense natively in BIG-IP 17.0 or later. For BIG-IP versions 14.0-16.0, you can download a BIG-IP iApp template.

Bot Defense also provides prebuilt integrations with the following platforms:

  • Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento)
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Cloudflare
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

For applications that do not have a prebuilt integration with Bot Defense, you can configure a custom integration.

Figure: Bot Defense Overview

Dashboards and Reports

After you configure Bot Defense, you can use the integrated dashboard and reporting functionality to view detailed information about the traffic that Bot Defense analyzes. For example, use the Bot Defense Dashboard to view and filter traffic and transaction statistics and to see which traffic is malicious and how that traffic was mitigated.

db dashboard
Figure: Bot Defense Dashboard

You can also configure Automated Threat Briefings to deliver insights to you automatically each month, while additional dashboards provide you with instant, detailed access to analysis of your data.

db atb
Figure: Automated Threat Briefings

For information, see XC Bot Defense Dashboards & Reporting.