Cloud Images

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Microsoft Azure


Amazon Machine Images

These are the AMIs for certified hardware and of the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) type images.

Single NIC Mesh
Region AMI
ca-central-1 ami-08576f9b84d367b09
af-south-1 ami-0c977d0db617bdab1
ap-east-1 ami-0155476d659f3ae17
ap-south-1 ami-03de0e7a0dbe2b82e
ap-northeast-2 ami-010b4464fc7b3ff9a
ap-southeast-2 ami-0368c5d3e738743b4
ap-northeast-1 ami-067aab9a542c906ed
ap-southeast-1 ami-0d7bf3939820938bf
eu-central-1 ami-05e5abbfdd4424640
eu-west-1 ami-0736fc15b104dbbfe
eu-west-3 ami-04463e4705de6f5f1
eu-south-1 ami-0eeb952362cb9f290
eu-north-1 ami-0d49a93035a089032
eu-west-2 ami-02299547077bc92ed
me-south-1 ami-095e0953ab18f1a38
sa-east-1 ami-0eaea790980259258
us-east-1 ami-007eec1986ef7495b
us-east-2 ami-025a568f35dc5b12a
us-west-1 ami-0e82b57b8260c7680
us-west-2 ami-00c56398faf7580b7
Single NIC App Stack Combo
Region AMI
ca-central-1 ami-020f5e615042c7ae6
af-south-1 ami-0d659dbbfa0eeb047
ap-east-1 ami-0f6c40114471ceb6d
ap-south-1 ami-0e4253c6b70528b96
ap-northeast-2 ami-08fbb02e9af994782
ap-southeast-2 ami-019a39fd78900b47b
ap-northeast-1 ami-001b6f8703b50e077
ap-southeast-1 ami-09cda274e0139ed9f
eu-central-1 ami-053ff0623974bda3a
eu-west-1 ami-0dab00831b4842c78
eu-west-3 ami-053b9cfc412e8c371
eu-south-1 ami-0c1107b653ae28fc2
eu-north-1 ami-0c244378332c8623b
eu-west-2 ami-07c3b6c19945c7b40
me-south-1 ami-0dd14e65c91a0aa15
sa-east-1 ami-0f4dfefcecbecbf9b
us-east-1 ami-01595a94100092733
us-east-2 ami-026557b29b97fe5c9
us-west-1 ami-016c3a51f6a4465e2
us-west-2 ami-0cae3518c0cd8f81a
Multi NIC Mesh
Region AMI
ca-central-1 ami-077bb9c847c6d9ef7
af-south-1 ami-05d60209ebad1f70c
ap-east-1 ami-0b9cab48b17de8415
ap-northeast-2 ami-0c548676e9a27ce83
ap-southeast-2 ami-00c8b3cc35d782bf7
ap-south-1 ami-01a1a13f752b02d59
ap-northeast-1 ami-03297d670703981c9
ap-southeast-1 ami-05b28eabaf624a6bf
eu-central-1 ami-0e99cef1d8e41d9e1
eu-west-1 ami-09cf2c94b0d2ca355
eu-west-3 ami-03175b50db858bc6b
eu-south-1 ami-07386e2285d5dff8a
eu-north-1 ami-048577c3054929b99
eu-west-2 ami-094389688d488aeaa
me-south-1 ami-031a36a354ddadff7
sa-east-1 ami-0c5498aa41af80bfd
us-east-1 ami-0fa4728603d6f753c
us-east-2 ami-0eadac5d175627120
us-west-1 ami-0da9d480ee4009846
us-west-2 ami-0b0adddceaf57d93d


Download the public project image to your project using the following command:

Single NIC

gcloud compute images create centos7-atomic-202010061048-single-voltmesh --source-uri gs://ves-images/centos7-atomic-202010061048-single-voltmesh.tar.gz

Multi NIC

gcloud compute images create centos7-atomic-202010061048-multi-voltmesh --source-uri gs://ves-images/centos7-atomic-202010061048-multi-voltmesh.tar.gz