Cloud Images

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Microsoft Azure


Amazon Machine Images

These are the AMIs for certified hardware and of the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) type images.

Single NIC Mesh
Region AMI
ca-central-1 ami-0ddc009ae69986eb4
af-south-1 ami-0bcfb554a48878b52
ap-east-1 ami-03cf35954fb9084fc
ap-south-1 ami-099c0c7e19e1afd16
ap-northeast-2 ami-04f6d5781039d2f88
ap-southeast-2 ami-0ae68f561b7d20682
ap-northeast-1 ami-07dac882268159d52
ap-southeast-1 ami-0dba294abe676bd58
eu-central-1 ami-027625cb269f5d7e9
eu-west-1 ami-01baaca2a3b1b0114
eu-west-3 ami-0e1361351f9205511
eu-south-1 ami-00cb6474298a310af
eu-north-1 ami-0366c929eb2ac407b
eu-west-2 ami-05f5a414a42961df6
me-south-1 ami-0fb5db9d908d231c3
sa-east-1 ami-09082c4758ef6ec36
us-east-1 ami-0f94aee77d07b0094
us-east-2 ami-0660aaf7b6edaa980
us-west-1 ami-0cf44e35e2aecacb4
us-west-2 ami-0cba83d31d405a8f5
Single NIC App Stack Combo
Region AMI
ca-central-1 ami-0e1d39ac2c1c6ef2b
af-south-1 ami-055ba977ad1ac6c6c
ap-east-1 ami-05673740d6f3baee9
ap-south-1 ami-00788bd38d0fa4ff0
ap-northeast-2 ami-001dd539455cd4038
ap-southeast-2 ami-0538af7edde340eb1
ap-northeast-1 ami-030863f8dfd7029f5
ap-southeast-1 ami-0615e371749491e5f
eu-central-1 ami-094c24e0ff9141647
eu-west-1 ami-01ef385d886b812d2
eu-west-3 ami-0e576d6275f207196
eu-south-1 ami-0648b746bb1341bf4
eu-north-1 ami-0e939f8711e36b456
eu-west-2 ami-041138a60e1cb4314
me-south-1 ami-06603c1772bd574c2
sa-east-1 ami-082f0a654c0936aa5
us-east-1 ami-0f0926d6b6838b9cb
us-east-2 ami-0d011fcc6cae3ed0a
us-west-1 ami-0bec6c226bff67de2
us-west-2 ami-0d2f1966d883656cd
Multi NIC Mesh
Region AMI
ca-central-1 ami-052252c245ff77338
af-south-1 ami-0c22728f79f714ed1
ap-east-1 ami-0a6cf3665c0612f91
ap-northeast-2 ami-01472d819351faf92
ap-southeast-2 ami-03ff18dfb7f90eb54
ap-south-1 ami-0277ab0b4db359c93
ap-northeast-1 ami-0384d075a36447e2a
ap-southeast-1 ami-0d6463ee1e3727e84
eu-central-1 ami-06d5e0073d97ecf99
eu-west-1 ami-090680f491ad6d46a
eu-west-3 ami-03bd7c41ca1b586a8
eu-south-1 ami-0baafa10ffcd081b7
eu-north-1 ami-006c465449ed98c69
eu-west-2 ami-0df8a483722043a41
me-south-1 ami-094efc1a78169dd7c
sa-east-1 ami-07369c4b06cf22299
us-east-1 ami-089311edbe1137720
us-east-2 ami-01ba94b5a83adcb35
us-west-1 ami-092a2a07d2d3a445f
us-west-2 ami-07252e5ab4023b8cf


Download the public project image to your project using the following command:

Note: This requires you to install gcloud.

Single NIC

gcloud compute images create centos7-atomic-20220721105-single-voltmesh --source-uri gs://ves-images/centos7-atomic-20220721105-single-voltmesh.tar.gz

Multi NIC

gcloud compute images create centos7-atomic-20220721105-multi-voltmesh --guest-os-features="MULTI_IP_SUBNET" --source-uri gs://ves-images/centos7-atomic-20220721105-multi-voltmesh.tar.gz 

Note: In case of multi-nic image, it is required to specify the --guest-os-features="MULTI_IP_SUBNET" parameter.

AppStack Combo

gcloud compute images create centos7-atomic-20220721105-voltstack-combo --source-uri gs://ves-images/centos7-atomic-20220721105-voltstack-combo.tar.gz

Note: The above commands create the image to a default USA region. To deploy the image to another region, specify the optional --storage-location argument. For example, use --storage-location=australia-southeast1 to deploy to Australia region.