Synthetic Monitoring


This reference contains items that may help in the configuration of Synthetic Monitoring within F5 Distributed Cloud.

Source IPs

Each Provider and Region will source their monitors from specific IP addresses. In some circumstances your environments may require knowledge of these IPs to allow request access from them.

F5XC Provider Source Regions

Source IPs for RE sourced monitors can be found on the Proxy reference page

Note: While it is recommended to source monitors from infrastructure that is separate from where applications are hosted, if you require hosting and monitoring from the same RE then the source IP will be (CGNAT address space reserved by RFC6598).

AWS Provider Source Regions

Region Location IP
ca-central-1 Canada (Montreal)
ap-northeast-1 Tokyo
eu-north1 Stockholm
us-east-2 Ohio (Columbus)
us-west-1 N California (San Francisco)
eu-west-2 London
me-south-1 Bahrain
sa-east-1 Brazil (São Paulo)
ap-east-1 Hong Kong
ap-southeast-1 Singapore
ap-southeast-2 Sydney
ap-south-1 Mumbai

TLS Monitor Source Region

This region will source the monitor that generates the TLS report even if it is not included in your primary sources regions.

Region Location IP Notes
us-east-1 Virginia
TLS Monitors sourced from this region