F5 Distributed Cloud Services Support Process


This guide describes the support process for the  F5® Distributed Cloud Services SaaS service, and also provides information on how to raise support requests through various channels available to the customers.

Note: In order to raise a support request, you must have an Account. If you do not have an account, see Create an Account.

Support Channels

The F5 support is available all year round 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can contact the support through the following ways:

It is recommended to create a ticket using the customer portal. In case you are not able to access the portal, you can contact using the specified phone number and the support team creates the ticket for you.

Raise Support Request Using Customer Portal

Before contacting the support team, it is recommended to prepare the following that are required to address your issue at the earliest:

  • The name and contact information of the person who owns the ticket.

  • Accurate time, including the time zone, of the events.

  • Precise description possible of the issue.

  • Impact of the incident from the customer point of view.

  • Additional information to help resolving the issue such as:

    • Logs, error messages, screenshots, etc.

Perform the following to raise a ticket using the customer portal:

Step 1: Log into F5® Distributed Cloud Console, open Support.
  • Open F5® Distributed Cloud Console > select Administration box.

Figure: Homepage

  • Select Support in left-menu > select Requests.

  • Select + Add New request button.

  • The Contact Support form will pop-up to your right.

Figure: Support, Add Requests

Note: You can also submit a support request in the Get Help tab in Support, and select + Create new support request link in New Support Request box.

Figure: Support, Add Requests

Step 2: Fill out Contact Support pop-up form.
  • Select Type in drop-down menu.

    • Question

    • Request

    • Technical Incident

  • Select Topic in drop-down menu, options based on type selected.

  • Select Priority in drop-down menu.

    • Normal

    • High (issue affects my day-to-day work)

    • Urgent (issue affects core performance of my business)

Note: Choose the priority as per the guidelines specified in the Ticket Priorities chapter.

  • Enter Short Subject for your problem in the Please choose a subject for your issue box.

  • Describe your problem in the Please explain the problem below box.

  • Select Add attachments link if needed for screenshots, documents, etc.

Figure: Support Request Fields

Step 3: Select Submit Request to complete creating the support request.

Select Submit Request button to submit.

Ticket Priorities

Every support request is handled based on the related priority. When you open a support request, you can select the priority. The following table lists and explains the various priorities:

Priority Description Expected Response Time SLA
P3: Normal Regular question or issue that does not have an impact on work or business. Organization: Best Effort (24 hours)
Teams: Best Effort (24 hours)
Individual: 24 hours
Freemium: Best Effort (24 hours or longer)
P2: High The issue affects my day-to-day work. Organization: 1 hour
Teams: 4 hours
Individual: 12 hours
Freemium: Best Effort (24 hours or longer)
P1: Urgent The issue affects the core performance of my business. Organization: 1 hour
Teams: 4 hours
Individual: 12 hours
Freemium: Best Effort (24 hours or longer)