Configure DC Cluster Group


This guide provides instructions on how to add a site to a DC cluster group (DCG) using F5® Distributed Cloud Console (Console). For more information on an F5® Distributed Cloud Services Site, see Site.

A DC cluster group represents a collection of sites that can directly communicate with each other using the underlay network. You can use a DC cluster group if your site is using the Ingress/Egress Gateway (Two Interface) or App Stack Cluster (One Interface) options.

DCG Versus SMG

A DCG should be used for cloud sites when the sites are connected over a private backbone. In other words, a Site Mesh Group (SMG) is preferred for public cloud sites, while a DC cluster group is preferred for physical K8s or F5® Distributed Cloud App Stack sites.

An SMG uses IPsec tunnel and a DCG uses IP-in-IP tunnel encapsulation. A DCG will give better performance, while an SMG is more secure.


The following prerequisites apply:


Configure DC Cluster Group

Create a new site or navigate to an existing site to configure a DC cluster group. You can also create a DC cluster group without having to create or update a site.

  • For a new site:

    • In the site creation form, under the Site Type Selection section, select an option from the Select Ingress Gateway or Ingress/Egress Gateway menu.

    • Select Configure link.

  • For an existing site:

    • In the site creation form, under the Site Type Selection section, select Edit Configuration.
  • In Advanced Options section, toggle Show Advanced Fields option.

  • In Select DC Cluster Group menu, select an option.

  • InMember of DC Cluster Group via Outside Network menu, select your cluster group.

  • To create a new cluster group, select Create new DC Cluster Group and perform the following:

    • Enter Name, a name for the new cluster group.

    • Optionally, select a label and add a short description.

    • Select Continue.

    • Select Apply button.

  • Select Save and Exit button.

Verify Health

Verify that the DC Cluster group is operational and working as intended.

  • In Multi-Cloud Network Connect, click Site Connectivity > DC Cluster Group.

  • Locate your DC Cluster group, select it.

  • Confirm health is good.