NGINX One makes managing NGINX deployments simple. It offers a centralized platform for managing configurations, identifying vulnerabilities, and monitoring the health of NGINX instances. With its user-friendly interface, NGINX One provides quick and easy access to essential information, so you can respond effectively and keep your applications and services running smoothly.

NGINX One offers these benefits and key features:

  • Centralized Platform: Manage all your NGINX deployments from a single console.
  • Easy Navigation: Find important information quickly with an intuitive user interface.
  • Health Monitoring: Monitor your NGINX instances' health to make sure they're running smoothly.
  • Vulnerability Detection: Detect security risks and configuration errors automatically.
  • Graphical Metrics: View performance data graphically in real time.
  • Security Reports: Get CVSS security reports and configuration recommendations to make your NGINX deployments safer.
  • Performance Optimization: Get suggestions on making your NGINX deployments more efficient and secure, improving speed and reliability.
  • Alerts: Stay informed with immediate notifications of critical issues.

Learn more by visiting the NGINX One Documentation.