Node Software Changelogs

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This document provides the node software release versions and associated changelog.

Note: Any release version that is more than 6 months old is not supported. It is recommended to upgrade the software to the latest release.

Node Software Releases


Software Version: crt-20240329-2728

Description: Fixes CVE-2024-30255 for Envoy's nghttp2 library.

Symptoms: This allows an attacker to send a sequence of CONTINUATION frames without the END_HEADERS bit set causing CPU utilization, consuming approximately 1 core per 300Mbit/s of traffic and culminating in denial of service through CPU exhaustion.

Conditions: Envoy's HTTP/2 codec allows the client to send an unlimited number of CONTINUATION frames even after exceeding Envoy's header map limits.

Fix: Update envoy with nghttp2 patch to fix this issue and set MAX_CONTINUATIONS in envoy for nghttp2.


Software Version: crt-20240329-2727

Release Notes

Description: Due to internal logging mechanism issue, traffic propagation is slow to reach CE Site.

Symptoms: Slowdown in configuration propagation during heavy load.

Conditions: System is trying to auto-mitigate L7 DDoS attack by blocking thousands of IP addresses.

Fix: Internal logging will be bypassed for relevant configuration object, thus unblocking configuration propagation.


Software Version: crt-20240326-2726

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of March 26, 2024 SaaS Release


Software Version: crt-20240318-2652

Release Notes

Description : Managed k8s (PK8s) has an insecure private registry configuration. But those are updated only to docker configuration, causing nodes with cri-o unable to pull images from insecure private registry. And updating netapp version for adding missing permission on CRD.

Symptoms: TLS certificate error when pulling image from insecure private registry in PK8s.

Conditions: Site enabled with PK8s trying to pull image from insecure private registry.

Fix: Insecure registries from managed k8s configuration is updated to registry configuration in Site nodes.


Software Version: crt-20240220-2651

Release Notes

Description: When Site is created with specific Secure Mesh Site configuration, vhost0 cannot receive IP and lost connectivity.

Symptoms: During pod installation, Site lost connectivity after argo pod started.

Conditions: This issue is observed when Site is created with Secure Mesh Site configuration, and Secure Mesh Site does not have static IP for Ethernet interface of vhost0.

Fix: For this case, IP is chosen from existing Ethernet interface on that node.


Software Version: crt-20240213-2648

Release Notes

Description: Fixed an issue with local UI authentication.

Symptoms: Site local UI authentication does not work properly.

Conditions: Fixed an issue with local UI authentication.

Fix: The software version has fixed local UI authentication.


Software Version: crt-20240123-2647

Release Notes

Description: This fixes the tunnel flapping observed in CEs due to a warning being treated as error. Certificate validation fails in IKE (as OCSP/CRLs are not configured) and this was being treated as error (with the recent change in IKE) and that resulted in Vega flapping the tunnel.

Symptoms: IPSec tunnel is continuously flapping.

Conditions: NA

Fix: This hotfix suppresses the new errors reported from IKE to vega. This will prevent vega from flapping the tunnel.


Software Version: crt-20240120-2644

Release Notes

Description: ENVOY Pod crashed during JavaScript invocation from Layer 7 ACL.

Symptoms: Incoming request have NO User-Agent field and it leads to crash.

Conditions: Layer 7 ACL invokes Javascript challenge to safeguard from malicious activity. Javascript challenge relies on user-agent to handle it. Since user-agent is missing in the request, the system was unable to handle and leads to crash.

Fix: Fixed the Envoy Pod crash. After the fix, traffic disruption will not occur.


Software Version: crt-20240117-2643

Release Notes

Description: On the crt-20240117-2642 release, a virtual host route validation is added which may cause specific route to be incorrectly added.

Symptoms: Virtual host route configuration could not get deployed and load balancer may show 404 error.

Conditions: When virtual host configuration change or update happens.

Fix: This release reverted the route validation.


Software Version: crt-20240117-2642

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of January 16, 2024 SaaS Release.


Software Version: crt-20231223-2640

Release Notes

Description: Pod is not evicted during node drain when software version upgrade is happening.

Symptoms: Pod is not evicted during node drain.

Conditions: During software upgrade and node drain option enabled.

Fix: Fixed node drain so that it is able to evict pod.


Software Version: crt-20231223-2639

Release Notes

Description: The following issues are fixed:

  • Activate bond members when storage interfaces are configured with bonding
  • When bond of network interface is configured, sometimes DNS configuration is not correctly applied

Symptoms: The following symptoms are observed:

  • when bond is configured for storage interfaces, bond members are not activated until node is rebooted
  • When bond of network interface is configured, when vhost0 interface is created, DNS configuration can become empty

Conditions: NA

Fix: VPM is updated to resolve the issues.


Software Version: crt-20231223-2638

Release Notes

Description: This version fixes the following issues:

  • When multiple storage interfaces with static route are configured on RHEL9 Site, static route is not applied correctly
  • When bond interface is used with RHEL9 Site, in some cases, the /etc/resolv.conf becomes empty
  • When HTTP_PROXY is configured on the Site, software update to December 12, 2023 release version fails
  • PVC creation does not work correctly on RHEL9 Site for HPE CSI

Symptoms: NA

Conditions: NA

Fix: VPM and CSI images are updated to resolve the issues.


Software Version: crt-20231218-2637

Release Notes

Description: Fixed Argo crash while fetching NAT IP.

Symptoms: Argo daemon used to crash while configuration for physical interface was getting updated, resulting in pod restart.

Conditions: Upon configuration change of a physical interface, Argo rebuilds the NAT IP list which would be used for flow setup. As part of change handling NAT IP update was not atomic, and in race case, forwarding threads could see an inconsistent NAT IP list which could be empty, causing segmentation fault.

Fix: NAT IP list update is made atomic by using a covering structure which holds both IP list and count of IP, making update consistent across forwarding threads.


Software Version: crt-20231212-2636

Release Notes

Description: Fixed docker service start issue after Site upgraded to the crt-20231212-2635 version.

Symptoms: When node is installed using 7.2009.27 ISO / OVA or 7.2009.45 OVA, and after it is upgraded to crt-20231212-2635, docker does not start.

Condition: Same as symptoms.

Fix: VPM is updated to resolve the issue.


Software Version: crt-20231212-2635

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of December 12, 2023 SaaS Release.


Software Version: crt-20231106-2588

Release Notes

Delivered fix for following issue related to RHEL9 and CRI-O:

Symptoms: When static IP address is configured with OVF configuration, RHEL9 OVA does not correctly assign the static IP address. Conditions: This issue is seen when RHEL9 OVA is used with static IP configuration. Fix: Issue is fixed by updating VPM.


Software Version: crt-20231106-2587

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of SaaS release performed on November 07, 2023.


Software Version: crt-20231017-2542

Release Notes

Updated attack signatures to mitigate Juniper Junos® OS and Confluence vulnerabilities CVE-2023-36845, CVE-2023-22515, and CVE-2023-22515.


Software Version: crt-20231010-2541

Release Notes

Delivered fix for an HTTP/2 vulnerability announced as CVE-2023-44487.


Software Version: crt-20231003-2540

Release Notes

Corrected issue caused by change of signature of logging of SSH login. The fix enables triggering of alerts with the new signature as well.


Software Version: crt-20230912-2539

Release Notes

Corrected issue caused by change to Geo IP data vendors. Use ISO country code GB instead of UK to fix previously configured service policies.


Software Version: crt-20230910-2538

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of SaaS release performed on September 12, 2023.


Software Version: crt-20230814-2477

Release Notes

Fixed memory leak issue in the VER module when handling DNS requests in Site.


Software Version: crt-20230811-2476

Release Notes

The following issues are fixed:

  • Vega CPU utilization was high due to redundant processing.
  • Health check status was not propagated from Envoy to Vega correctly.


Software Version: crt-20230807-2475

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of August 08 SaaS release.


Software Version: crt-20230727-2449

Release Notes

OpenVPN had an issue with resolving the proxy server IP from domain name due to missing libraries in the new container image. This update fixes the issue. This applies only to CE Site deployment.


Software Version: crt-20230719-2448

Release Notes

Fast ACL configuration in combination with specific load balancer configuration caused service crash. This crash is fixed now in this hotfix.


Software Version: crt-20230709-2447

Release Notes:

Node software is updated as part of the July 11, 2023 SaaS upgrade.


Software Version: crt-20230628-2422

Release Notes

ARP requests were erroneously sent as priority tagged packets, resulting in ARP resolution issue in some environments. This is resolved by ensuring that zero VLAN tagging is not performed.


Software Version: crt-20230609-2421

Release Notes

Change in configured route handling of load balancer led to issues when multiple routes pointing to weighted cluster are configured in the load balancer. This version resolved that issue.


Software Version: crt-20230607-2420

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of the June 06 release upgrade.


Software Version: crt-20230526-2380

Release Notes

If an incoming HTTP request comes with x-request-id, same will be retained. Otherwise, the old behaviour of generating new uuid to use in x-request-id will be triggered.


Software Version: crt-20230511-2379

Release Notes

ALPN negotiation is disabled for HTTP Health check connections. HTTP health checks to origin server can fail if ALPN negotiated protocol and configured protocol in HealthCheck object are different.


Software Version: crt-20230419-2365

Release Notes

Flow update may get triggered in different threads and a race condition was resulting in crash. This is fixed with this release.


Software Version: crt-20230418-2364

Release Notes

The kubelet may fail to bring up a pod running with static manifest, which causes some expected K8s pod to not run in a desired state. This version fix that issue.


Software Version: crt-20230417-2363

Release Notes

A fast ACL configuration was resulting in a load balancer configuration to be not installed, impacting traffic. This is fixed with this version.


Software Version: crt-20230410-2360

Release Notes

Fixes an issue with creating a nodeport service. This does not impact any user traffic.


Software Version: crt-20230327-2320

Release Notes

Data path change to avoid drops due to "IP Fragment Too Small". Ensure that fragments are greater than 576 bytes.


Software Version: crt-20230324-2319

Release Notes

Checksum for fragmented UDP packets was incorrect, fixed with this version.


Software Version: crt-20230323-2318

Release Notes

When kubelet-proxy exited unexpectedly, kubelet are unable to bring kubelet-proxy up and causes worker nodes in a NotReady state. This is fixed.


Software Version: crt-20230301-2265

Release Notes

Fix for issue where cross-reference between WAF security events are created incorrectly.


Software Version: crt-20230228-2264

Release Notes

Fix for the following issues is delivered:

  • Local kubeapi does not work after upgrading to the latest image.
  • DDoS Auto Mitigation: Fast ACL action not working when the advertisement in load balancer is changed from Regional Edge to Customer Edge and vice versa.


Software Version: crt-20230131-2238

Release Notes

Delivered fix for an issue where a drop in access logs is observed.


Software Version: crt-20230131-2237

Release Notes

Software is updated to support new attack signatures that are added to F5 Distributed Cloud Services App Firewall.


Software Version: crt-20230123-2236

Release Notes

Delivered fixe for custom error issue and a proxy crash. Also increases ETCD keepalive timeout.


Software Version: crt-20230119-2235

Release Notes

Delivered fix for an issue where the request length was larger than 5k when analyzing the request ID header, causing coredump.


Software Version: crt-20230113-2163

Release Notes

Delivered fix for an issue where namespace-based labels are not getting resolved.


Software Version: crt-20221207-2162

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of the SaaS upgrade.


Software Version: crt-20221122-2120

Release Notes

Fix for an issue where some virtual hosts are not generating any access logs is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20221116-2119

Release Notes

Fix for a K8s pod crash issue is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20221109-2118

Release Notes

Fix for the following issues are delivered:

  • Requests to load balancer are failing with 5xx response.
  • AWS TGW multi-node Site's Site Local Outside load balancer fails intermittently with upstream connect error.
  • Pod in a specific node is moved to into a deadlock state.


Software Version: crt-20221104-2117

Release Notes

OpenVPN upgade is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20221101-2116

Release Notes

Site software is updated as part of regular SaaS upgrade.


Software Version: crt-20221101-2115

Release Notes

Delivered fix for an issue where requests from RE to vK8s endpoints are failing is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20221006-2032

Release Notes

Delivered fix for an issue where load balancer cannot set priority.


Software Version: crt-20221006-2032

Release Notes

Fix for an issue where load balancer does not follow the set priority for an origin pool member.


Software Version: crt-20220829-1745

Release Notes

Fix for a MULTUS issue with user defined Pod Security Policy (PSP) is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220829-1744

Release Notes

Fix for an issue that causes post upgrade site failures is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220808-1693

Release Notes

Fix for a bug involving pod-to-pod communication failure is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220803-1692

Release Notes

Updated as part of enhancement to evaluate network policy label on NAT flow.


Software Version: crt-20220803-1691

Release Notes

Updated as part of SaaS update.


Software Version: crt-20220704-1646

Release Notes

  • A software issue where in continuous addition of static routes is fixed.
  • AWS Direct Connect enhancements to the Site software are delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220704-1645

Release Notes

Fix for an issue with cookie tampering detection is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220704-16445

Release Notes

Fix for an issue with update logs is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220609-1615

Release Notes

Fix for the issue where kubevirt pods are not reachable on a multi-node Site is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220607-1610

Fix for an issue with certificate validation during HTTP to HTTPS redirect is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220510-1580

Release Notes

Fixes for the following issues are delivered:

  • Fleet deployment issue on multi-node Site
  • App Stack Site deployment issue for GCP using Terraform


Software Version: crt-20220510-1579

Release Notes

Fixes for the following issues are delivered:

  • Master nodes not reachable in multi-node Site
  • IP Fabric connectivity issue between multi-node K8s Site to Regional Edge Site


Software Version: crt-20220510-1578

Release Notes

Fix for an issue deploying AWS TGW and Azure Sites is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220510-1577

Release Notes

Software is updated to support the regular SaaS update.


Software Version: crt-20220412-1548

Release Notes

Software is updated to use user's password instead of default password in rewriting.


Software Version: crt-20220412-1547

Release Notes

Software is updated to address expiring client certificates.


Software Version: crt-20220329-1460

Release Notes

Fix for Site storage and node deletion issue is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220329-1459

Release Notes

Update to mitigate CVE-2022-22965 (Spring4Shell) is added.


Software Version: crt-20220329-1458

Release Notes

A fix for container concurrency issue is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220329-1457

Release Notes

A fix for container deadlock issue is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220217-1456

Release Notes

A fix to ignore WAF detections in case of good traffic is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220217-1455

Release Notes

A fix to redudelay in deployment time is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220217-1454

Release Notes

A fix for an issue with CRL download is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220217-1453

Release Notes

The site software is updated with security enhancements.


Software Version: crt-20220217-1452

Release Notes

Fix for a problem with route processing is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220217-1451

Release Notes

Fix for route processing issue is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20220217-1450

Node software is updated as part of the SaaS upgrade. Click here for SaaS changelog.


Software Version: crt-20220203-1433

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of the SaaS upgrade. Click here for SaaS changelog.


Software Version: crt-20220120-1413

Release Notes

Fix for healthcheck failures is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20211215-1372

Release Notes

Fix for a login issue with GCP Node is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20211215-1371

Release Notes

WAF violation exception enhancement for the node software is added.


Software Version: crt-20211214-1367

Release Notes

Fix for Healthcheck failures due to duplicated endpoints is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20211213-1365

Release Notes

Fix for WAF related container crash is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20211213-1364

Release Notes

Updated signatures and threat campaign for the Log4j Remote Code Execution (RCE) Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE).


Software Version: crt-20210827-1282

Release Notes

Fix for UDP proxy crash is delivered.


Software Version: crt-20210811-1254

Release Notes

Fix for the following issue is delivered:

Creating TCP load balancer with domain name is not possible for the Site on Kubernetes after the upgrade. As a result, servion external K8s is not created without SNI by the Site on Kubernetes.


Software Version: crt-20210729-1221

Release Notes

Fix to the following issue is delivered:

InterfaIP present in argo NAT pool even when strict mode is set. The fix checks strict mode and avoids adding interfaIP address.


Software Version: crt-20210708-1192

Release Notes

FRR is updated with fix for the following issue:

BGP peers are disconnected every 10 seconds.


Software Version: crt-20210707-1191

Release Notes

GRPC timeout is incremented to 1 second for internal modules.


Software Version: crt-20210702-1190

Release Notes

Delivered fix for the issue of gateway response with code 502. This fix reduces number of responses of type 502.


Software Version: crt-20210625-1189

Release Notes

Delivered fix for the following issue:

Node decomissioning does not delete master node.


Software Version: crt-20210625-1188

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of the SaaS upgrade. Click here for SaaS changelog.


Software Version: crt-20210518-1098

Release Notes

Delivered fix for the following issue:

Master node is not deleted when the node is decomissioned.


Software Version: crt-20210518-1097

Release Notes

Delivered fix for the following issue:

After software upgrade, origin pools with servidiscovery objects stopped functioning.


Software Version: crt-20210427-1052

Release Notes

Delivered fix for the following issue:

Local site discovering the origin pool but does not work when trying to access.


Software Version: crt-20210420-1051

Release Notes

NetApp Trident and PSO stopped functioning in version crt-20210420-1049. This upgrade delivers the fix.


Software Version: crt-20210420-1050

Release Notes

Introduces allowing of persistent volume in admission by the platform manager.


Software Version: crt-20210420-1049

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of the SaaS upgrade. Click here for SaaS changelog.


Software Version: crt-20210413-1025

Release Notes

A render problem with Netapp Trident app is fixed.


Software Version: crt-20210413-1024

Release Notes

Fixes for the following issues are delivered:

  • TCP Loadbalancer is not functioning.
  • Llink quality monitoring status is not correctly reporting.


Software Version: crt-20210407-1023

Release Notes

Fixes for the following issues are delivered:

  • Trident backend job continues to stay in running mode.
  • Pure Storage Servivolume expansion does not function. Fix is delivered by upgrading to PSO v6.0.5.


Software Version: crt-20210407-1022

Release Notes

Fixes for the following issues are delivered:

  • Servimesh displays incorrectly in the UI.
  • Session init packets originated by FRR are dropped.


Software Version: crt-20210405-1020

Release Notes

Servimesh graph shows node from another tenant. Fix for the same is delievered.


Software Version: crt-20210403-1019

Release Notes

Fast ACL performanenhancements are delivered.


Software Version: crt-20210312-973

Release Notes

Port forwarding enabling for NetApp Trident CSI is added.


Software Version: crt-20210312-972

Release Notes

Netapp trident version is upgraded to version 21.01.1


Software Version: crt-20210312-971

Release Notes

Following issue fixes are delivered for managed K8s.

  • kubectl drain does not function for managed K8s
  • Cluster role, cluster role binding, pod security policy, and storage class creation is not allowed using managed K8s API.


Software Version: crt-20210312-970

Release Notes

  • Managed K8s resourlimit is enhanced to 8GB.
  • AES encryption support is added for NetApp Trident.


Software Version: crt-20210220-896

Release Notes

Fix for endpoint discovery failure for routes from REs is delivered. This is in case of HTTP proxy.


Software Version: crt-20210220-895

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of regular SaaS upgrade. Click here for more information.


Software Version: crt-20210203-845

Release Notes

Endpoint reachability (via PSK tunnel) issue for AWS TGW is fixed.


Software Version: crt-20210126-844

Release Notes

Header manipulation issue for request_headers_to_add value in case of HTTP load balancer is fixed.


Software Version: crt-20210121-843

Release Notes

Node software is updated as part of regular SaaS upgrade. Click here for more information.


Software Version: crt-20201204-725

Release Notes

Performanimprovements to F5® Distributed Cloud Mesh software are delivered.