F5 Mobile SDK Integrator

F5 Distributed Cloud Mobile SDK Integrator

To prevent attackers from exploiting mobile apps to launch bots, F5 provides the F5 Distributed Cloud Mobile SDK, which collects signals for the detection of bots. To protect an app, you must integrate the SDK with the app. To simplify this process, you can use the F5 Distributed Cloud Mobile SDK Integrator, a console app that performs the integration directly into app binaries without any code changes. This no-code solution means there are no programmer resources needed and no integration delays.

The Mobile SDK Integrator supports most iOS and Android native apps. As a console application, it can be tied directly into CI/CD pipelines to support rapid deployments.

Use Cases

These are some of the use cases for which you should consider using the Mobile SDK Integrator:

  1. Emergency integrations can be accomplished quickly and correctly. Customers experiencing active bot attacks may need to integrate with F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense immediately and minimize integration risks.
  2. Apps using 3rd-party libraries may not be suitable for manual integration, particularly when these libraries do not provide APIs for adding HTTP headers into network requests. In such cases, the SDK Integrator can inject SDK calls into the underlying network stack, bypassing the limitations of the network library.
  3. Customers who own multiple apps, which may have different architectures, or are managed by different owners, need a single integration method, one which works for all app architectures and is simple to roll out to multiple teams. The SDK Integrator facilitates a universal integration approach.

Case Study

A large US-based conglomerate had decided to implement a consistent security policy across all customer-facing applications. Their security policy included bot preventive measures, for which they chose F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense.

Integrating the Mobile SDK into nearly 50 independently managed and distinctly architected mobile applications would have been a struggle because the changes to each app required a slightly different approach and expertise.

The enterprise chose to use the F5 Distributed Cloud Mobile SDK Integrator. With the SDK Integrator, the same set of instructions was given to all app owners. Each app team incorporated the SDK Integrator into their normal release process so that they could continue work on other priorities without any disruption.

The Mobile SDK Integrator tremendously simplified the rollout of the company-wide security initiative.


The F5 Distributed Cloud Mobile SDK Integrator is available to all Bot Defense customers for an annual subscription fee. For more information about the Mobile SDK integrator or Bot Defense, contact info@f5.com or visit https://www.f5.com/company/contact