Synthetic Monitor TLS Report


This guide provides instructions on how to review the TLS Report that is generated for HTTP(s) Synthetic Monitors. Endpoints with TLS enabled will automatically generate a TLS score along with a full report to help you quantify its current state of security.

Using the instructions provided in this document, you can navigate to and view the TLS report for a given HTTP(s) Synthetic Monitor.


  • A previously configured HTTP(s) Synthetic Monitor with TLS enabled on the monitored endpoint.

Note: If you do not have a monitor setup, see the how-to for Advanced HTTP(s) Synthetic Monitor.


View the TLS report of a monitor

Step 1: Navigate to the monitor.
  • Log into the F5® Distributed Cloud Console.

  • Navigate to the either the Observability workspace tile or menu.

Note: The homepage is role based, and your homepage may look different due to your role customization. Select All Services drop-down menu to discover all options.

obs tile
Figure: Observability Tile
obs service list
Figure: Observability Menu
  • Select Synthetic Monitors > HTTP Monitors.

  • Select the All Monitors tab to view your monitor inventory.

  • Click on the name of the monitor you would like to review the TLS Report for.

dash menu
Figure: HTTP Monitor Menu
Step 2: View the TLS Summary
  • Within the Global Summary tile, you will notice a TLS Score to give you an overall idea of how the monitored endpoint is doing.
tls score
Figure: TLS Score
Step 3: View the TLS Report
  • Within the TLS Summary you can open the full report in a PDF or copy it to clipboard to stick in an email or chat with your team.

  • Click on Open as PDF to view the full report.

open pdf
Figure: Open PDF
  • Look through the report to discover configuration, vulnerabilities, and more. The example below is only a small example of what is provided.
Figure: Report

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