Account Protection FAQs

F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection Frequently Asked Questions

What is Account Protection?

Account Protection is a machine learning-based SaaS solution from F5 that provides customers visibility into fraudulent activity impacting their business. This enables fraud and security teams to respond to impending threats in a timely and effective manner.

How can I get started with Account Protection?

Account Protection is currently in Limited Availability, meaning only a limited number of customers will be able to use it at this time. It will require the deployment of a JavaScript (JS) tag on the web pages that you would like to track.

Please contact your F5 account rep if you are interested in getting started with Account Protection.

What are the benefits of Account Protection?

Customers can leverage Analyst Station in support of multiple use cases:

  • Reviewing high-risk transactions in a machine learning-prioritized manner, with visibility as to why a transaction was marked as high-risk.
  • Investigating the behavioral history of any device, user, IP address, or ASN.
  • Mark a transaction or group of transactions as Fraud or Not Fraud.
  • Block an Account ID or Device ID associated with a transaction from further transactions with your system for a time-period that you define.
  • Remove an Account ID or Device ID from the Block List if you determine that it is not malicious.
Does Account Protection depend on any F5 product or version ?

Yes, the Account Protection JS (version 2.3.5 or later) is required for deployment.

What is a transaction?

A transaction is equivalent to a page view. In the case of single-page applications (SPA), a page view is counted using the number of times a particular top-level URL in the browser’s location bar displays the URL where the Account Protection JS is injected.