Known Labels and Known Keys


This guide provides instructions on how to manage known labels and known keys using F5® Distributed Cloud Services. Known label is a key-value pair that can be attached to objects for referencing the objects using the label. To know conceptual information on known labels and keys, see Known Labels and Known Keys.

Using the instructions provided in this guide, you can create known key-value pairs, apply them to different objects, and delete the known labels.


A valid Account is required.

Note: If you do not have an account, see Create an Account.

Create Known Label

Creating a known label involves creating a known key and defining a value for the key, thereby creating a key-value pair. You can define multiple values for a key to create more known labels (key-value pairs).

Perform the following in F5® Distributed Cloud Console to create known key-value pair:

Features can be viewed, and managed in multiple services.

This example shows Labels and Keys setup in Shared Configuration.

Step 1: Start creating a known key.
  • Open F5® Distributed Cloud Console > select Shared Configuration box.

Note: Homepage is role based, and your homepage may look different due to your role customization. Select All Services drop-down menu to discover all options. Customize Settings: Administration > Personal Management > My Account > Edit work domain & skills button > Advanced box > check Work Domain boxes > Save changes button.

Figure: Homepage

Note: Confirm Namespace feature is in correct namespace, drop-down selector located in upper-left corner. Not available in all services.

  • Select Manage in left-menu > select Labels > Known Keys.

Note: If options are not showing available, select Show link in Advanced nav options visible in bottom left corner. If needed, select Hide to minimize options from Advanced nav options mode.

  • Select Add Known Key button.
Figure: Known Keys
Step 2: Configure the key-value pairs.
  • Enter Label Key name.

  • Enter Label description as needed.

  • Enter Label Values for the key.

  • Use + Add Label Value link to add more than one value.

Figure: Add Known Key-Value Pair
  • Select Add Key button to complete creating the key-value pairs.
Step 3: Verify that the known labels are created.

Go to Manage > Labels > Known Labels. Verify that the labels are displayed as key-value pairs for the known key created in previous step.

Figure: List of Known Labels

Note: After creating the labels, you can apply them to an object such as network interface while creating it or updating it. The metadata section for any object has the Labels field to add labels.

Delete Known Label

To delete a known label, do the following:

  • Go to Manage > Labels > Known Labels. A list of labels is displayed as key-value pairs.

  • Select ... > Delete label for a key-value pair you want to delete. Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Note: To delete a known key, first you must delete all key-value pairs for that key. After that, go to Manage->Labels > Known Keys and select ... > Delete Key for the key you want to delete.