This document provides details for quick setup of the F5 Volterra Industrial Gateway (IGW) 5000 series devices. For more information on IGW, see Specifications and User Manual.

Using the instructions provided in this guide, you can quickly setup your IGW device and perform site registration for the device.

IGW Equipment Reference

The following table lists out the components shipped along with your IGW device:

Component Image Quantity Description
DIN Brackets dins 2 Brackets for mounting IGW device.
Wi-Fi Antennas wifi antennas 2 Antennas for Wi-Fi connection.
LTE Antennas lte antennas 2 Antennas for wireless LTE connection.
GNSS Antenna gnss antenna 1 Antenna for satellite connection.
Power Terminal Block Module power module 1 Power module to connect input power supply.
Power Cable Clamp power clamp 1 Clamp to hold the power cable.


Your IGW consists of a power LED and a system LED. It also has an LCD screen and associated 4 quick-action buttons.

leds lcds

The following are the functions of the quick-action buttons (in the order of left to right):

  • First button is for navigating UP.
  • Second button is for navigating Down
  • Third button is for context-dependent functions.
  • Fourth button is for selection or for the return to Back function.

Note: See IGW LCD document for more information on the LCD.

Setup IGW

The IGW quick setup includes connecting the WAN or LAN ports, performing local configuration, and completing site registration.

Connect IGW

Perform the following steps after unboxing your IGW:

Step 1: Connect power cable.
  • Securely attach the power clamp to your IGW.

  • Connect the power cable.

power on

Step 2:Connect Wi-Fi, LTE,and GNSS antennas.
  • Attach the antennas at the positions shown in the following image:


Note: Attach the antennas by inserting them as shown and rotating in clock-wise direction.

  • Insert the LTE SIM card in the slot as shown in the following image:

lte sim

Step 3: Connect to WAN.
  • Connect your WAN interface to Port 0.

wan eth0

  • Note down the IP displayed on the LCD screen of the IGW.

igw ip

Note: Alternatively, you can use the WLAN to connect to WAN. The above example image shows the IP address for WLAN interface. In case of wired connection, note down the IP address displayed against the eth0 interface. However, connecting to same network using wired and wireless method is not supported.

Step 4:Connect using Laptop or terminal.

Connect your Laptop or terminal to Port 3 of the IGW to perform further configuration.

term eth3

Note: See IGW User Manual for detailed instructions on mounting the IGW and connecting POE PSU. See Site Local UI for configuring wireless or LTE networks.

Configure IGW

Perform the following:

Step 1: Create a site token in F5® Distributed Cloud Console
  • From the Home screen, click Cloud and Edge Sites under All Services.

  • Log into Console and navigate to Manage > Site Management in the System namespace. Select Site Tokens page.

  • Click Add site token. Enter a name for your site token and optionally, add a description.

  • Click Add site token to complete creating site token.

  • Note down your token string from the displayed list of tokens. The UID column displays the token strings.

Step 2: Log into the site local UI of your IGW.
  • Open your IGW's site local UI using its IP address noted in Step 2 of the Connect IGW chapter. Enter a browser window with the following URL:


  • Login with default login credentials. The user id is admin and password is Volterra123. Change the default login password when prompted. Refresh the browser to login using the new password. The local UI dashboard gets displayed.
Step 3: Set site token and cluster name for IGW

Click Configure now in the local UI dashboard and set the following fields:

  • Token - This is your site token and mandatory for provisioning.

  • Cluster name - Enter a cluster name and this is mandatory for provisioning. However, you can also set this during registration.

  • Click Save Configuration and refresh the browser. The status shows Approval.

Note: See Site Local UI Usage for detailed information on configuration.

Register IGW

Step 1: Log into Console and navigate to registration.
  • From the Home screen, click Cloud and Edge Sites under All Services.
  • Navigate to Manage > Site Management > Registrations. The Pending Registrations tab loads by default.
Step 2: Approve the registraton for your IGW.
  • Check that a registration request is displayed for your IGW. Click ✅ to approve the registration.

  • Enter the required fields in the registration acceptance form as applicable. The required fields are indicated with * mark.

  • Click Accept.

Note: It takes few minutes for your site status to become ONLINE.

Note: See Site Local UI Usage for advanced configuration instructions such as configuring Wi-Fi and LTE.

Factory Reset IGW

Step 1: Locate the RESET button.
  • The front panel contains a RESET button that will return the IGW to factory settings and restart the device.

IGW reset
Figure: Hardware Reset Button

Step 2: Press and hold the RESET button for five seconds.
  • To activate the reset function, insert a thin, blunt object (like the end of a paperclip) through the hole above the reset label and gently push and hold the button inside the hole for five seconds.

Note: You can also replace/update the image (operating system) on the device. For more information, see How to choose an image for your site deployment?.