NGINX Management Suite

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NGINX Management Suite is a family of management plane solutions that enable governance of the NGINX data plane to easily scale, secure, and monitor applications and APIs. The preview release on F5Distributed Cloud includes the NGINX Management Suite Instance Manager (NIM) module.

You can use Instance Manager to configure, scale, and manage NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus instances.

With Instance Manager, you can:

  • Discover all NGINX Open Source and NGINX Plus instances across your public and private cloud environments
  • Find and update expiring certificates
  • Highlight instances running software versions that are vulnerable to CVEs and other security issues
  • Discover configuration problems automatically and get suggested fixes before you publish the config
  • Control access to NGINX configurations at the individual or team level using role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Apply the same configuration to multiple instances at once, using instance groups you define
  • View metrics and information about data plane host systems and NGINX instances

Check out the NGINX Management Suite product documentation to learn more!

NGINX Management Suite is available on F5 Distributed Cloud as a limited trial. To find out more about how NGINX Management Suite can work for you and to sign up for our public preview, please contact us at